Rosse Posse Elk Farm w/ Twill Cellars

November 11th, 2017 • 5:30p

A unique wine dinner with the micro-boutique wines of Twill Cellars at one of our favorite venues… Rosse Posse Elk Farm in Mollala. Under warm cover of the barn, you’ll sip wine, relax, and dine at long community tables amidst the hay, the scent of wine lingering and tantalizing your every taste bud. As you sip away on, you’ll enjoy stimulating conversation, laughter, and six courses crafted to pair perfectly with these approachable, tasteful wines As you relax into the hum of the evening, the wild elk roaming gracefully about the farm, Twill Cellars will share secrets from the vine, Alan and Brenda Ross wax about their 52-acre elk ranch and the pride of working with these beautiful animals, and Chef-Owner Pascal Chureau with his own titillating industry secrets.

We’re excited to partner with Twill cellars for this event. Located in West Linn, they’re a small Oregon wine project presenting the influence of land, weather and craft in a vinous assembly. Their winemaking philosophy is organic in the fields and low impact in the winery to keep the wines taut, long living, and original to their provenance. The grapes are all sourced from their own Molly’s Vineyard as well as treasured Oregon vineyard sites, both local and beyond.

Located at 32690 S. Mathias Road Molalla, OR  97038

$85/guest includes 6-7 course dinner, wine/beer, tax and gratuity.