Dobbes Family Estate w/ Green Field Bison Ranch

December 2nd, 2017 • 5:30p

An intimate wine cellar dinner at Dobbes Family Estate where you’ll dine at long community tables amidst the barrels, the scent of wine drifting in the air, tantalizing your every taste bud. As you sip away on Dobbes’ award-winning wines, you’ll linger over good conversation, great company, and seven courses crafted to pair perfectly with the wines and the season. As you relax into the hum of the evening, winemaker Joe Dobbes will share secrets from the vine, and Chef-Owner Pascal Chureau with his own titillating industry secrets. We’re partnering with Green Field Bison Ranch for this event, a sustainably managed and beautiful bison ranch located in Dallas, Oregon that is committed to not only providing healthy, horomone-free, steriod-free, and antibiotic-free meat, but also to protecting natural resources for future generations in the process.

Located at Dobbes Estate – 240 SE 5th Street Dundee, OR 97115

$85/guest includes 6-7 course dinner, wine/beer, tax and gratuity. Menu to come.